Good Neighborhood

Good Neighborhood


A neighbourhood is where a localized community which is geographically located at a rural area, suburb, town or city and they are normally communities which are social and met often with interaction and it id deemed as a social network of people who reside near each other and have common interests and in most cases share similar cultures. Click here for more info.

They are also units which are spatial and see each other and also interact once in a while with personal situations and settings where the residents may seek to get effective and maintain some social controls, socialise with youth, and comprehend common value and where ever there is a human being who congregate and live in perpetual family abodes and tends to have same political directions or affiliations are deemed as neighbourhood.

History does not show how neighbourhood lifestyle occurred in non-western cities and preindustrial times, but neighbourhoods are commonly made by the interaction which is social amongst the individuals who live across each other as social units in large homes and are not directly influenced by the state officials and upkeep as well as cleaning is handled by informal neighbourhoods. See more about Neighborhood Score.

Districts administrations have boundaries and neighbourhoods frequently have numerous differentiation or specialization in in most cases some specialists who deal in economics such as business people may tend to be in the same neighbourhood and the other factor which contributes to neighbourhood is the social cohesion and distinctiveness of people who live near each other in that they tend to do things the same way and also have common interests such as in religion, politics and economic matters.

People find it convenient to go to the same churches and doing things that are essential to their well-being with the other residents who live near them as neighbors and this happens in the rural areas just as it happens in the urban areas and acquaintances and relatives tends to want to reside in the same area and do things that are quite similar.

Neighborhood Score have the interventions for providing ownership, and control to a certain degree and they have quality service because they have common interests and as core characteristic of the community they also offer services for the youth as well as the children who have disability and they coordinate the way the people live and these organization are usually non-profit and are found at the grassroots level where the community funds the core development branches and centers called community halls where the youth can exercise and do sports.

Neighborhood social communities include economic programs, rehabilitation networks and other programs which are created to help the community in one way or the other and they address issues that affect the people and they also have faith based congregations and groups in the neighborhood. Explore more at 

The sociology which is urban has the sociology of neighborhood which gives support to the studying of the way the community lives and their needs and looks out to find out more about the health disparities and the correlation of the drop out of school by the youth and tries to stop them from using drugs and the community values have brought about much needed changes which are dramatic in a way and these values has bridged a gap between the citizens and the government.